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Aggieland's Premiere Scooter Dealership. We also offer rentals and can fix your scooter in our full service shop! Scoots offers new and used scooters, rental options, accessories and scooter services.

Our goal is simple. It’s to provide new commuting freedom to the students and permanent residents of Aggieland. Scooters offer convenient and fun transportation for a fraction of the cost of your car or truck.

We promise to offer scooters and accessories at fair pricing with extensive options and outstanding customer service. We will do everything in our power to leave you satisfied and smiling.

What’s your style? Vintage, Sleek, Sporty and Rugged – we’ve got you covered. Our scooters come in various sizes and styles from our hand picked manufactures. Of course we carry helmets, riding gear & accessories to complement your scooter and style. Our service department is comprised of scooter aficionados, they can do anything from basic maintenance & repair (including warranty service) to installation of appearance and performance accessories.

Drop your gas bill from $100 a month to $10 a month. Scoots offers models boasting 140+ MPG. Our financing partners can have you cruising the town on your scooter for under $45 a month. And a scooter parking pass at Texas A&M is $99 a year! Car/truck parking passes can cost you up to $913 per year! That’s instant savings!

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